Dunedin Dancers

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Weekly Social Dancing on Wednesdays:
Spring term started January 10th 2024, ends March 20th
Summer term starts April 10th 2024, ends June 26th

Sunday March 3rd 2024: Sunday Social in Craigmillar Park to Matthew Maclennan (list - tickets)
Saturday March 16th 2024: March Dance, Reid Memorial Church, to David Oswald (flier - cribs)
Friday May 3rd 2024: Combined Societies Dance, Lauriston Hall, to Ewan Galloway (flier - cribs)
Saturday June 8th 2024: June Dance, Reid Memorial Church, to Marian Anderson (flier - list - cribs)
Sat November 23rd 2024: November Dance, Reid Memorial Church, to Nicol McLaren
and the Glencraig Scottish Dance Band

Scottish Charity Number SC011896

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