Dunedin Dancers

Our 25th International Folk Dance Festival will run from 13 to 20 July 2019

The Performances:

Dunedin at Stirling Castle

We currently plan to perform at the venues listed below (to be confirmed!):

Sunday 14th July: GLASGOW, Kelvingrove

Monday 15th July: EDINBURGH

Tuesday 16th July: EDINBURGH


Friday 19th July: ANSTRUTHER
Performing at the Anstruther Harbour festival

Saturday 20th July: STIRLING CASTLE

General Information

The groups that will join us for the 2019 festival are:

Folk Dance Group Soveldaja   from   Tallinn, Estonia

The Folk Dance Group SOVELDAJA, based at the Tallinn University, was formed during the mid-1980s.
Their repertoire includes folk dances, as well as new dances.
Since 2006, their instructor has been Helen Reimand, who has also created many of the dances in the group's repertoire.
The group's name SOVELDAJA is derived from the Estonian verb soveldama, which means to create, to arrange, or to design. One of the first dance collectors and creators, Anna Raudkats, used to sign the dances she arranged by writing Soveldanud Anna Raudkats which was how the group got its name. They practice our dancing skills during weekly rehearsals, as well as at camps. They also spend leisure time together: in pubs, at barbeques and just visiting each other.
rahvatantsuansambel Soveldaja
Second group to be confirmed to be confirmed

Support the Festival

Dunedin Dancers is an amateur group financed mainly through money raised from our own membership, from the income of our demonstration dancing, and a few donations from well wishers.
  We would be very grateful if you would support or continue to support our festival by making a donation online using a credit or debit card via PayPal.

Scottish Charity Number SC011896

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