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Dunedin Dancers has published six dance books.

  • Dunedin Dances Book 6, 18 dances by Dunedin Members, with seven original tunes. £4
  • Dunedin Dances Book 5, dedicated to John Bowie Dickson.
    24 dances by John Bowie Dickson, with three original tunes and a slow air.
    Sales of this book benefit St. Columba's Hospice. £4.50
  • Dunedin Dances Book 4, dedicated to Donnie Muirhead.
    14 dances by Dunedin Members, with five original tunes. £3
  • Dunedin Dances Book 3, 13 dances by John Bowie Dickson, with one original tune. £3
  • Dunedin Dances Book 2, 11 dances by Dunedin Members, with three original tunes. £3
  • Dunedin Dances Book 1, 11 dances by Dunedin Members, with five original tunes. £3

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Details of the dances in each book are as follows:

Dunedin Dances Book 6

Dunedin members like to write new dances for special events and social occasions. This is a collection of some of the more recent compositions, and includes Dunedin Ruby, written to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the founding of the group.

St Andrew's Square, Edinburgh 4 x 32J Square set Dance devised by Tim Bolton-Maggs in November 2008 to commemorate the restoration of St Andrew's Square and its opening to the public.
Tune: A Tribute to Tim Bolton-Maggs, by Doreen McKerron
The Glasgow Reel 8 x 32R Dance devised by Jen Wood for the 50th anniversary of the Glasgow University Scottish Country Dance Club in February 2005.
Troublesome Threesomes 3 x 48S Dance devised by Remco Knooihuizen.
Merchiston Castle Jig 4 x 32J Dance devised by Ian Brockbank for the wedding of Katy Thompson and Andrew Gray on 2lst August 2004 and performed at the ensuing celebrations in Merchiston Castle School
Tune: Katy and Andrew's Wedding Jig by Alastair Wood
The Animals Lit Up Two by Two 4 x 40R Dance devised by Rachel Wignall for the wedding of Fiona Welland and Stephen Brockbank at Carbisdale Castle, on 20th February 2010. Fiona is a vet, and Stephen works with lighting, hence the name.
Triskelion 3 x 32R +
3 x 32R Triangular set
Dance devised by Ian Brockbank for Clare Lyddon and Peter Edwards on the occasion of their wedding on 16th March 2002.
The Flight of the Teale 8 x 32R Dance devised by Stewart Adam for David Teale, on his 60th birthday.
Tune: David Teale's Reel by Graeme Munro
The Collingwood Oaks 8 x 32S Dance devised by Jen Wood in recognition of the 200th anniversary of the death of Admiral Cuthbert Collingwood on 7th March 1810. Collingwood was known to carry acorns to plant on country walks, in the hope of ensuring that the navy would always have a supply of oak for building ships.
Swiss Chocolate 4 x 32R Dance devised by Rachel Robson. It was presented to Nicole Frey and Adrian Buchel at their wedding in Ittinger Switzerland on 16th August 2003.
Deb's Christmas Cracker 4 x 32J Dance devised by Kevin Lees. Both dance and tune were a Christmas present (from a hard up student) for his mother, Deb Lees.
Tune: Deb's Christmas Cracker by Kevin Lees
The Badgers Dance 5 x 48R Square Set Dance devised by Rachel Robson in May 2005 for Yoshimi Kuroda, with many thanks for piping at Rachel's and Neil Wignall's wedding. The dance is named for the badgers that Yoshimi was studying at the time.
Dunedin Ruby 5 x 40R Dance devised by Stewart Adam, 2011. It commemorates the 40th anniversary of Dunedin Dancers, which was created so that members could reciprocate invitations to folk dance festivals by organising one of their own.
Tune: Stroppy Struan by Graeme Munro
Culduthel Rant 8 x 32S Dance devised by Helen Murray for her grandson Douglas Hector Murray MacDonald, born on 3rd July 2009. Douglas and his parents, Lorna and Kenneth, live on Culduthel Road, Inverness.
Vallay Sound 4 x 32J Dance devised by Jim Gardner. Bhalaigh is the proper spelling of this area in North Uist that Jim and Fiona like to visit.
The Hot Cross Bun 8 x 32R or 3 x 32R Dance devised by Remco Knooihuizen on the occasion of Linda Garside's 30th birthday.
Tune: Leftovers by Sheena Ferguson
Speedy Thomas 8 x 32H (2 couple dance) Dance devised by Jen Wood for Elke Muller, an enthusiast of naval history and a great admirer of Captain Thomas Cochrane, who with his brig Speedy captured the much larger Spanish frigate El Gamo on 6th May 1801.
A Jig for Jim and Joe 5 x 32J Dance devised by Stewart Adam for Jim Gardner and Joe Wake, for a celebration to mark their 70th birthdays. It can also be danced with 7 couples to represent their 70 years.
Three Score By Four 4 x 32S Dance devised by Stewart Adam and Jim Gardner to celebrate the sixtieth birthdays of four friends from Dunedin Dancers; Margaret MacArthur, Billy McLean, Pamela Malton, and Janet Marchand.
Tune: The Windlestrae Ceilidh by J M Smith

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Dunedin Dances Book 5, all by John Bowie Dickson

In memory of John Bowie Dickson (1919 - 1998), a wonderful friend to Dunedin Dancers. This book was prepared to celebrate John's life and the dances he created. A donation is made to St. Columba's Hospice, Edinburgh, from the sale of each book.
The book also includes the original tunes 'Johnny Dickson's Hornpipe' [for the reel Edinburgh's Welcome] , 'The Dickson's Strathspey' [for the strathspey The Kestrel ] and a slow air 'John Bowie Dickson ' written by Moira Reekie ©

Reel of the Puffins 4 x 32R For the wedding of Katie Fallas and Iain Roxburgh in August 1998. Katie and Iain met while dancing and watching puffins in the Faroes with Dunedin Dancers. Tune 'The Black Bear'.
The Purple Heather Jig 4 x 40J A variation on the White Heather Jig by James B Cosh.
Chris in the Kitchen 8 x 32R For Chris Adam who has spent much time in charge of catering for several international festivals run by Dunedin Dancers.
The Janeil Strathspey 3 x 32S For the wedding of Jane and Neil Duncan from Caribou, BC, in March 1995. Tune 'The Janeil' Strathspey or 'Music of the Spey'.
The Three Millstones 5 x 32R For demonstration with the groups visiting the international festival run by Dunedin Dancers in 1995.
Hurlygush 4 x 32J Hurlygush is the sound of a running burn.
The Blainslie Fancy 8 x 32R For Robert and Marjorie Hamilton from Blainslie in the Scottish Borders.
The Perfect Blend 4 x 32R For the wedding of Rosalie Wilkie and Jan Van outrive in April 1996.
Mince and Tatties 3 x 32S
The Hoolet 4 x 32R For Fiona Gardner's 40th birthday. Fiona is very fond of owls, and has a large collection.
Dunedin Quadrille 32 circle Tune 'The Danish Quadrille' and 'A Trip to Bavaria'.
Edinburgh's Welcome 4 x 32R square For demonstration with the groups visiting the international festival run by Dunedin Dancers in 1997.
Moira's Majority 8 x 32R For Moira Fallas's 21st birthday.
Stephen's Strathspey 5 x 32S For Stephen Gibson.
Auld Acquaintance 8 x 32R Tune 'Waverley Steps'.
The Buchan Lass 4 x 32J For the wedding of Lori and Jay Conant from New Hampshire, in 1978. Tune 'The Directors'.
Tak Tent 5 x 32R For the 10th wedding anniversary of Morag and Nigel Fairhead in 1998.
Katie's Ceilidh 8 x 32R For Katie Fallas's 21st birthday.
The Kestrel 3 x 32S For Stewart Adam's 50th birthday. The party was held at The Kestrel, Balerno.
The Cleikum Crozier 8 x 32R For Innerleithen Scottish Country Dance Club. The Cleikum Crozier is the staff carried in the St. Ronan's Day Pageant in Innerleithen, Tweeddale.
The Highland Midge 4 x 32J Culicoides Impunctatus, 1995. Tune 'Cavehill'.
Late in the Day 8 x 40R For the 25th wedding anniversary of Denise and Ken Fallas in 1997. They were mystified by the title.
Two Roses 8 x 32S For the wedding of Cathy Clowes and Donald Harley in September 1994.
The Odd Couple 5 x 32R square For Tony and Betty Moretti from New Hampshire. Tune 'Jean's Reel'.

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Dunedin Dances Book 4

Dunedin Dances 4 was published in 1995 and is dedicated to Donnie Muirhead who died in March 1994 at the age of 38. He was a much loved and respected member of Dunedin Dancers and was chairman from 1989 to 1993. "We miss his humour and keen interest in everyone".

The Chairman 8 x 32R By John Bowie Dickson in fond memory of Donnie Muirhead. The tunes 'Donnie Muirhead's Reel' and 'Sarah Muirhead's Reel', by Iain MacPhail 1994, are published here.
Troy's Wedding 4 x 48J By Peter Hastings. First performed (in a slightly different form) at a dance in March 1993 to celebrate the wedding of Cathy Hassell and Winston Sweatman. The tunes are long-time favourites of Peter's which he felt deserved a dance of their own. Tunes 'Troy's Wedding' and 'Scarce o' Tatties'.
The Mill of Towie 8 x 32S By Ian Brockbank. The Mill of Towie is a 19th century oatmeal mill (still in operation as a museum) beside the River Isla in Banffshire. Tune 'The Old Road to Towie' (Speyside Book) or 'Milladen'.
The Maltings Jig 8 x 32J By Martin Watson to celebrate the wedding of Elizabeth Wade and Nicholas Royle in April 1993.
The One O'Clock Canon 160R (5x32 music, 64 dance) By Ian Brockbank after an idea by Caroline Bradshaw. The 'One O'Clock Gun' can be heard daily at 1pm in Edinburgh, when a gun is fired from the castle. The music 'The One O'Clock Cannon' by Ian Brockbank 1994, was written for the cannon and is published here. The dance is a canon.
New Elgin 4 x 32S By Jim Gardner to celebrate the wedding of Alison Mills and David Currie in June 1986.
Diane's Fancy 4 x 48J By Diane Oswald, for her husband Malcolm.
Dunedin Folly 4 x 32R By Jim Gardner for Dunedin's first entry at the Newcastle festival (held annually in February).
Lawson's Lady 3 x 32S By Heather Knox for Jackie Thompson, married to Lawson, as she reached halfway towards her telegram from the Queen. The tune 'Jackie and Lawson Thompson', by Iain MacPhail 1994, is published here.
Katie's Jig 8 x 32J By Stewart Adam to celebrate the 21st birthday of Katie Fallas.
The Bookworm 88R triangular By Vicky Sennett in memory of Donnie Muirhead - a fine man, a good friend, an avid collector and reader of books and godfather to Vicky and Chris's little daughter Isobel. The music, arranged by Chris and Vicky Sennett, contains some of Donnie's favourite classical music and is published here.
Mosshouse 4 x 32S By Peter Hastings for the wedding of Alison Wylie and Alastair MacGugan in September 1991. Mosshouse was a farm at Lugar in Ayrshire and is the oldest traceable home of the Hastings family. Tunes 'Mrs Garden of Troup' (R Petrie) and 'Look Across the Water' (B. McNeil/Kinmor Music).
The Geese in the Bog 8 x 32J By Ian Brockbank. The name of the tune seemed to fit the dance, conjuring up images of strings of geese meandering aimlessly yet purposefully, all the time lost. Tune 'The Geese in the Bog'.
The Dunedin Festival Dance 32H triangular progressive Dance adapted by Derek Haynes and presented to Dunedin Dancers. It was first used as a mixing dance at the 11th Dunedin International Folk Dance Festival, in 1991. Tune 'Chester Hornpipe' recorded by Iain MacPhail.

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Dunedin Dances Book 3, all by John Bowie Dickson

The Marchmont Eightsome 96R square For Dunedin Dancers, who for over ten years met weekly in the Church of the German-speaking congregation in Marchmont, Edinburgh.
Hands Across the Sea 8 x 32R For the wedding (in Edinburgh) in September 1990 of Juliet Adamson (from Scotland) and Mark Davoren (from Australia), who were moving to Canada.
The Quern 3 x 32S For Wallace and Helen Lockhart, leaders of the musical group, Quern. Tune 'Katie Bairdie'.
The Hole in the Wa' 8 x 32R
The Cornet's Chase 4 x 40J For the wedding of Cathy Elliott and Norman Walker, in Hawick, September 1991. The cornet is the principal figure at the Riding of the Marches, celebrated each year in Hawick.
Indian Peter's Reel 8 x 32R Indian Peter was a 'weel kent' face in Edinburgh in the 19th century.
Stewart's Lassie 32S 2c progressive For Chris Adam (married to Stewart). Tune 'Stewart's Lassie'.
Law and Order 4 x 32R For the wedding of Sarah McRae and Donnie Muirhead (a lawyer) in May 1990.
The Highlander's Jig 8 x 32J For Robert and Barbara McOwen. Tune 'The Vermont Highlander's Jig' by Barbara McOwen.
The Cariboua Gathering 8 x 40R For dancers visiting Canada in September, 1991. The original tune 'The Caribou', written by Kevin Clark 1991 is published here. Alternative tune 'Bonnie Mally Lee'.
The Mercat Cross 3 x 32S For Harry and Heather Knox. Tune 'The Countess of Dalkeith's Strathspey'.
The Comely Lass 8 x 32R For the wedding of Susan Comely and Martin Watson, September 1992.
The Dean Village Reel 8 x 32R For the 70th birthday of John's wife Christina. John and Christina were living in the Dean Village, Edinburgh.

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Dunedin Dances Book 2

The Pigeon on the Gate 4 x 32R By John Bowie Dickson, 1985.
Northesk 8 x 32S By John Wilkinson. The river North Esk is a tributary of the river Esk, which flows into the Firth of Forth at Musselburgh. John was living in Musselburgh at the time.
Caley Capers 8 x 40R By Fiona & Jim Gardner, for the wedding of Kitty Johnston and Ross Robertson at the Caledonian (Caley) Hotel, Edinburgh, May 1989. With the tune George Darling's Reel, composed by Neil Barron 1989.
Louden Woods 3 x 32S By Jim Gardner for the tune 'Louden's Bonnie Woods'.
Muckle Ado 8 x 32R By John Bowie Dickson. The title was chosen to suit a lively dance.
Gypsy Glen 3 x 32S By John Bowie Dicksson. Gypsy Glen is a beauty spot near Peebles used as a starting point for many hill walks.
Belgian Folly 4 x 40J By Stewart Adam, for the wedding of Christine Archibald and Hugo Aerts (of Belgium) in December 1988.
At the Edge of the Clear Running Burn 4 x 32J By Catharine Ward, for the wedding of Claire Robertson and Brian East in 1978. The title was devised to include their initials. With the tune of the same name composed by Kim Chambers 1978.
Nighean Donn 5 x 32R By Peter Hastings, 1988. The dance, then untitled, was first performed at the 21st birthday party of Gwendoline Margaret Watson. The title (pronounced nee'n down and translated as The Brown-Haired Lass) is in honour not only of Gwendy but of brown-haired lassies everywhere. With an arrangement of the traditional tune 'Ridhle Mo Nighean Donn' (Reel of my Brown-Haired Lass).
The Spinning Wheel Reel 4 x 48R By Kim Chambers 1976. The formations in the dance reminded Kim of the movement of a large spinning wheel, owned by an Irish lady.
The Argee Bargee Rant 8 x 32S By Stewart Adam, for the wedding of Janet Lyddon and Kevin Marchand in February 1989. They confirmed their mutual attraction on a narrow boat, or barge.

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Dunedin Dances Book 1

Heather on the Mountain 3 x 32S By Catharine Ward in 1977, for the 21st birthday of Martin Dunkerton (a past president of New Scotland). With music of the same name composed by Kim Chambers.
Forfar Frolic 8 x 32J By John Wilkinson for the demonstration team of the Glasgow Branch of the RSCDS, who visited Forfar every Hogmanay.
The Lang Whang 8 x 32S By John Bowie Dickson. The Lang Whang is a stretch of the A70 near Edinburgh.
The Wind on Loch Fyne 3 x 32S By John Bowie Dickson for Bob Campbell. The Wind on Loch Fyne is a poem by George Campbell Hay.
The Moray House of Edinburgh 4 x 48J By Philip Ward who was studying at the Moray House College of Education at the time.
Craigdarroch's Whistle 3 x 48R By Jim Darroch Gardner, 1971. Craigdarroch's whistle was a drinking prize described by Burns in one of his poems. With music of the same name composed by Freda Davidson, 1971.
Derwent Strathspey 4 x 32S By Stewart Adam, 1983, for the 21st Anniversary of the Derwent Scottish Country Dance Club in Cockermouth. The 2nd edition includes music of the same name by Iain MacPhail, 1993.
The Cuddy 8 x 32J By John Bowie Dickson. The Cuddy is a small stretch of Eddleston Water, near Peebles.
The Spinney Strathspey 8 x 32S By Kevin Marchand, 1983, who lived in The Spinney, Hertford at the time.
Forth Frolics 8 x 32J By Bob Grant, 1983. With the tune 'Inchkeith Island' composed by Neil Barron in 1983. Inchkeith Island is an island in the Firth of Forth.
The 26th of March 3 x 40J By Stewart Adam, Jim Gardner & Bruce Wood, for the wedding of Anne Mechie and Mike Logan in March 1977. With the tune 'Miss Anne Mechie', by Mike Logan 1977.

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